Pool Repair Services for Boca Raton, Hollywood, & Fort Lauderdale, FL

Over time, swimming pool parts will experience normal wear and tear, pipes can break, and filters can go bad. Whether you notice an issue with your pool, or our team has discovered an issue during a pool inspection, we can help get the problem taken care of in a timely manner. At Leak Works, we have years of experience helping customers in the Boca Raton, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale, FL areas, delivering the best results.

Common Pool Repairs

  • Pumps- The pump includes the most moving parts so it’s no surprise that it requires frequent repairs.
  • Filters- Filters may start to malfunction and require a new cartridge if they are not cleaned regularly.
  • Lights- Pool lights will wear out and need to be changed, but sometimes it’s a more serious problem that will need to be checked by our team.
  • Heater- Pool heaters can be complicated. When they aren’t working properly or have stopped altogether, contact our team.
  • Leaks- If you suspect a leak in your pool, check the skimmer as it may separate itself or wear out.

Contact Our Team!

If your pool is experiencing any of the issues above, it is important to contact our team. Leaving pool repairs undone will only cause more damage to your pool which will cost you much more and increase the risk of needing replacements. For more information or to schedule pool repair services, contact our team today!